The impact of educational factors on the innovative start-up intentions of university students in Vietnam nowadays

Innovative start-up is a must in the new era - the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the era of technology and globalization. The development of innovative start- up education can be seen as the nucleus of science and technology, and the way students apply what they have learned can play an important role in the development of the country. Nevertheless, there are a number of hindrances, which relate to the educational and research factors; financial, social and cultural conditions; and lack of connection between universities and society. The study is conducted to provide preliminary knowledge on the topic of innovative startup intentions among university students in Vietnam nowadays, and to clarify related factors such as the definition, the importance and the need for innovative start-up education for students - future innovative entrepreneurs. Also, the author aims to identify the barriers and the challenges that many universities face during the process of forming and developing innovative start- up education programs. The article ends with conclusions and recommendations for the sustainable development of universities’ programs.

Nguyễn Nam Hải*

* Hội Kế toán tỉnh Đồng Nai.

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