Nhận thức và thực hành đào tạo định hướng ứng dụng

 Based on generalization of research results at home and abroad related to application-oriented training and application-oriented universities, this article is an attempt to present viewpoints on application-oriented universities by way of identifying the essence, targeted services, and training outcomes at application- oriented universities along this line. On account of this, recommendations  on possible measures for transforming, developing application-oriented universities in line with this viewpoint are hereby provided. This includes issues and problems set forth for constructing application-oriented universities, creating concord on application-oriented training, establishing and effectively operating /(enhancing) relationships between universities and concerned partners, and innovating modes of practice in application-oriented training.

PGS.TS. Bùi Văn Quân*

* Trường Cao đẳng Ngoại ngữ và Công nghệ Hà Nội.